Building your confidence and self-esteem

Low self-confidence is something many of us suffer with and can be a result of many factors like fear of the unknown, low self-esteem and fear of other people’s perceptions. This lack of confidence can hold us back from developing both personally and professionally. Low self-esteem can affect our entire outlook on life.
Mental health can be severely affected by ongoing low self-esteem. Our relationships and physical health may also suffer. Seeking help is vital for ensuring long-term problems do not develop. Hypnotherapy for low self-confidence and self-esteem is an increasingly popular means of treatment and support.

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I pride myself on tailoring treatments to each individual client’s concerns. I am a real people person with a natural empathy that will put you at ease.

Hypnotherapy for confidence

Hypnotherapy is a recognised form of relaxation therapy. It can reduce ‘stress chemicals’ and bring the body back to balance. Regular sessions ease built up pressure and tension, helping you to learn how to look after yourself better.

The hypnotic trance is the induction of a deeply relaxed state. The mind is guided away from the troubles of everyday life and into a place of tranquillity and peace. During this process, the hypnotherapist may offer therapeutic suggestions to encourage changes in attitude and behaviour, or relief from stress-related symptoms. This relaxation therapy is comfortable, safe and considered to be a highly liberating experience. It’s beneficial for both the mind and body.

  • helping to restore and strengthen the immune system
  • lowering of blood pressure
  • stress relief and the lessening of chronic pain, tension headaches, back pain and migraines
  • diminishing any emotional upsets and unlocking emotional blockages that can contribute to stress

  • improving energy levels

  • aiding sleep

Hypnotherapy for self esteem

The aim of hypnosis for self-esteem is to identify and challenge patterns of negative thinking. It also encourages positive changes through the power of suggestion. Once you’re under hypnosis, a hypnotherapist will present various hypnotic suggestions, visualisations and other techniques. These help to promote positive thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that support a healthy self-esteem.

In the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, your subconscious is more accepting of suggestions to change. By identifying your problems and goals in an initial conscious enquiry, a hypnotherapist can tailor their suggestions to meet your needs. In the case of hypnotherapy for self-esteem, the primary aim is to encourage self-empowerment and reduce negative self-talk. Thus promoting the development of long-term, healthy self-esteem
Boost your confidence

Hypnosis may help improve your general functioning and contribute to your well-being. Many clients feel relaxed, peaceful and content after the session. Hypnotherapy can help with a broad spectrum of challenges.

If you are looking for professional help to overcome your challenges which you might face, hypnotism can be an effective tool. For more information on how I can help you, contact me today.

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Hypnosis can improve your general functioning –

make you feel better mentally and physically; it is not in any way harmful and you cannot be influenced to do anything against your will.

Hypnotherapy is a highly personal process and I pride myself on tailoring treatments to each individual client’s concerns. I am a real people person with a natural empathy that will put you at ease. Therefore if you want to: stop smoking, gain confidence, release anxiety or stress, manage your weight, tackle a phobia or just relax and manage your own life then give me a call.